American Food during the 1750-1850’s

The 1700s and 1800s was a time where the U.S population grew largely. Most of the immigrants came from the European countries such as, Germany, Italy and British. When these countries migrated to the U.S, they brought many goodies with them, like beer, pies, meat, meatballs. This was a major part in forming and establishing the U.S. Not only did these countries come to our country, they brought their whole background with them.

In the U.S there are five regions, during this time the region that helped the U.S a lot was the Midwest region. The food at that time mostly had dairy, eggs, cheese and etc. Without these the food wouldn’t have been as good as it was. At the time they had to eat the food according to season because there was no way to keep the food refrigerated. In the summer time the most common food was a fresh salad, and for the winter time it was canned food consisting of beans, chili and meatloaf.

But no matter what they would always have bread in the summer and winter.  The women back then always had bread on the dinner table.  Bread was a must on the dinner table for the pioneer’s family.  It became a very important part of the food society and especially very important to the U.S today. Without the bread the United States wouldn’t be at where it is now. The picture right here is a type of bread that the pioneers ate and used. They would cut it up into pieces for the whole family to enjoy.

Over the years different types of food came in and out of the U.S. even thought it didn’t change that much, the way they were made changed more than ever. They had to eat food in certain ways and certain times.  The U.S population was growing there for food from all over the world would arrive. At this time the U.S was getting harder to live, the food production was carrying the load and increasing fast. & my notes

-Alireza Jabalameli

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  1. mlmuntz says:

    This phrase is awkward and inappropriate: “dairy, eggs, cheese and etc.” You should probably try to avoid using “etc.” in a paper anyways, but if you were to use it you should spell it out “et cetera” and you should definitely not say “and et cetera” because the “and” is unnecessary. The “and” should go right before the last thing in a list, but if the “et cetera” is being used at the end of a list of things, the “and” would appear somewhere inside the et cetera part. So no “and” is needed!


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